Welcome to Rhyddian's site

This site is currently just a repository of various photohraphs of Rhyddian since his father was given one of the first consumer-level digital cameras in 1998. It is expected that the content will be more varied and interesting as Rhyddian seeks to develop the site for purposes still to be imagined...

What's in a name?

The root of "Rhyddian" is the Welsh word "rhydd". This means "free" or "liberal thinking". It can also mean "loose" but we don't talk about that!

To pronounce Rhyddian as intended by his parents, the "rh" sounds like the "wr" part of "wren" (the bird), the "ydd" part sounds like the "ith" part of "with" (so a strong "th" sound as in "the") and "ian" is, well, like "ian".

Those that are close to Rhyddian use the shortened form, "Rhydd" - but with the same pronounciation.
His mother uses a different shortened form but we'll save that for another time.